NZ Sikh Games 2019 Volleyball

Super Sikh

ICSC Brisbane

NZ Black Spikes A

Pool A Teams

  1. ICSC Brisbane

  2. NZ Black Spikes A

  3. Singh Sabha Sports

  4. BBJSC Volleyball

  5. Malwa B

Pool B Teams

  1. Super Sikhs Sports &Cul

  2. Sikh United Melbourne

  3. Malwa A

  4. BOP A

  5. Saint Soldier Sports Club

  6. NZ Black Spikes B


  • TBC


  • All games will be played under the FIVB rules with some additional play that the tournament committee has agreed to implement so that all teams can enjoy and have some of their bench play.

  • Teams will not need to do duty.

  1. Teams can have up to 14 players

  2. Games will be roll off and roll on due to time restriction.

  3. All games are best of 3 – 25, 25, 15. The semi-finals and finals will be finalised by the convenor and committee.

  4. All team members must be registered, and a team list must be submitted to the tournament personnel.

  5. Additional to the FIVB rules used, the 12-sub rule is also being used. Players can substitute in 3 times. Score sheets have been catered for this ruling.

  6. Teams must be in uniforms.

  7. Teams must have numbers on their playing shirts back and front.

  8. If teams are using Libero players, the Libero shirt must be contrasting colour to your team uniform and must also have a number on this shift.

  9. Team captains are the only people to speak on behalf of their teams to the referee.

  10. Teams must fill in the scoresheet before each game starts.

  11. Teams that fight or verbally abuse across the net will end up with severe consequences for their actions.

  12. Players can only play for one team.

  13. Protest – if you are wanting to protest, this will cost $500.00. This will be returned if your protest is correct. If not, you will lose the $500.00.

  14. Tournament Ball used will be Mikasa.

  15. Opening Ceremony will be on Sat 11:30am – 12:30pm

  16. Winner of each game will receive 2points. The loser of each game will receive 0 points


Volleyball Coordinators:


28 - 29 NOVEMBER 2020


NZ Sikh Games

Auckland 2020


28 November 2020

29 November 2020


Pulman Park, Takanini


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