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NZ Sikh Games 2023




Registrations:    All names entered on your team's first scoresheet will be verified with NZ Sikh games.  Players not registered to the games please see the games office before your first game.

Games times     4 x 10 mins quarters running clock

Breaks:               1 min between quarters.  Half time 2 mins

Finals:                 4 x 10 mins quarters – last 2 mins stop clock

Timeouts:           1 per quarter – NO time out in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter

All other regulations are FIBA basketball rules.


FORMAT:            Round robin – all teams will play each other.

                             Play Offs –          3rd v 4th 

                                                          5th v 6th

                             Final -                  1st v 2nd



Basketball Coordinators:

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