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NZ Sikh Games 2022


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  • Auckland Basketball Services Ltd


  1. Only Registered Players are allowed to play.

  2. The tournament will be played round-robin, and the top 2 teams will advance to the final.

  3. Points will be awarded for the league based system. 2 Points will be awarded to the winning team, 1 Point each for a draw, 0 Points for a loss.

  4. All teams are required to be on the court, on time, for every minute you are late you a point will be deducted, i.e. 2 minutes late then you will start with -2 points. If the team is not on the court after 5 minutes then 2 points will be awarded to the other team. If both teams are not there on time then both teams will be given 0 points.

  5. Should a Team forfeit a game then 2 league points will be deducted.

  6. All Pool Games consist of four quarters 7 minutes each. 

  7. The final will be consist of 12 minute quarters. 

  8. If the pool games result in a draw then shoot out will take place.

  9. If the final result is in a draw then 2 minutes extra time will be given, after that, we will go to shoot out again.

  10. All Players mus thave ID with them as they may be asked to show them to the officials.

  11. All Referee decisions are final, should a problem persist then teams can ask the referee to contact Harprit Sandhu to come and review if need be the management of NZ Sikh Games will be called. 


Basketball Coordinators:

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