Please register your interest by filling the form below. Please note every registration will require a fee to be paid (sports & activities for under 13 and all cultural activities are completely free).
This fee is to make sure that we only attract genuine interest in the registrations of the game.

Having trouble registering? TEXT Kamal on 0211796373 for assistance.

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You are not required to fill in the team list if you are registering for a sport/activity performed individually.


For all team sports, make sure to register your full team in one submission. Do not register players in separate submissions.

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Please make sure that the maximum number of players in each squad matches the requirements below.

If the team list is short of or exceeds the limit, the registration will not be accepted.

See requirement as below:

Football: 15-18

Kabaddi: 12-15

Hockey: 12-15

Basketball: 7-12

Volleyball: 7-12

Netball: 9-15

Cricket: 8-11

Touch Rugby: 6-12

Participation Type and Fees